The Key Estate Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs

Published On June 26, 2017 | By Mandy Manning | Budgeting


Always prepare for the worst. This statement holds a lot of significance in one’s life, especially in the life of an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs are so busy managing their business that they often miss out on something that is an important aspect and that is the planning of their estate.

The Rothenberg Group estate planning is a department that will be your ideal choice if you have not planned your estate until now. And yes, it is definitely important if you want to secure the future, the estate, and belongings for a longer term with no conflicts or worries.

Some of the key tips to ensure that you plan your estate in the best possible manner are listed below:

  1. Make Use of Insurance: This is the simplest and the most essential tip when it comes to estate planning and it is relatively inexpensive. You should get your estate or your valuable assets insured so that the business keeps going even in times of distress or vulnerability.
  2. An Efficient and Proper Succession Plan: Your business must have a succession plan that is proper and efficient. This should describe precisely the plans for the ownership transition to take place if necessary.
  3. Relationship with the Shareholders: While you keep in mind your family and close ones when estate planning so as to ensure their comfortable future, you must not forget that the shareholders are also an integral part of your business. So, in order to prevent any disagreements or conflicts, you must ensure that the shareholders are considered as part of the plan.
  4. Planning Related to Taxation: Every business owner is required to pay taxes. With new administration schemes and rules of taxes, it is important that you take this factor also into consideration while planning the estate.  
  5. Think It through Very Carefully for a Long Term: Important documents like your will and power of attorney must be formulated with utmost sincerity and thought. Instead of making decisions driven by short term vision, try to make decision thinking about the longer term. So, do not make a hasty decision and make an informed choices.


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