Paramount Loss Consulting and its Trusted Public Adjusters

Published On July 6, 2018 | By Carol Gilmore | Featured

Looking for a trusted middleman who will work for your insurance policy? Are you a flood, hailstorm, or a fire victim? Did your insurance company fail to give you a fair compensation?  Paramount Loss Consulting is here to serve you.  The firm mainly focuses on helping policy holders in claiming their right settlement claim. They will serve you at their best so that you get the right claim amount for your loss.

The Public Adjusters

The public adjusters or the insurance adjusters are the ones who interact with the insurance company on behalf of you. The process of insurance claiming will be difficult to the policy holder, that’s why public adjuster is there to work for you. Here are the pointers you should consider while hiring an adjuster:

  • You don’t have enough idea and knowledge how is the process of claiming.
  • You are quite confused on some legal terms inside your policy and you need enlightenment.
  • You don’t have time to bargain with the low offer of the insurance company, they will trigger your pain and will make you go with it because you badly need it.
  • Your insurance company will give you a fast claim without discussing the declared loss or damage. Thus, you need to fully assess this with your public adjuster.
  • Your insurance company delays the claiming process. When you have a public adjuster, they will quickly coordinate to the insurance company to make the claim prioritized.
  • Your public adjuster will give you a comprehensive study where it includes all the declared damage or loss which can add to the coverage of the policy.
  • An insurance company will not recommend public adjuster which is quite confusing.

Benefits of Hiring an Adjuster

When you hire an adjuster, you will work with an expert and it guarantees that your claim will reach its maximum amount until your structure it’s fully recovered. Here are the benefits in hiring an adjuster:

  • The public adjuster will work just for you. If you have any possible circumstances, you can consult it directly to your adjuster to make a study on it.
  • The public adjuster is knowledgeable in every transaction process of insurance companies.
  • The public adjuster will be appearing in your behalf while you’re busy on your own life.
  • The public adjuster will assure that your claim is on top of the insurance company’s list.
  • The public adjuster will assure that every detail of your loss damage is covered on the policy and will help you until you recovered.
  • The public adjuster will serve as your negotiator, he or she will negotiate on your behalf setting the claim on the most favorable amount.


Paramount Loss Consulting covers 3 different types of claims: the fire damage claim, water damage claim (flood) and the storm damage claims. The firm will give you the best public adjuster to be able to get the reasonable settlement from the insurance company. If you’re having any queries, you can try the “free claim review” option to have an idea on your policy.


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