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We have already talked about the many options of Larson & Holz. A large number of tempting services, undoubtedly, draws attention to the company. Today we will continue the analysis of the most interesting options. Forex Classic. For what this option is created, and what is included in it. We all know about the heterogeneity of trading accounts. That is, all the trading accounts of each broker are different. And the company Larson & Holz is no exception. But the creation of six types of trading accounts, this is a clear advantage over other companies. So, from all six types, you can distinguish two main types, this is a classic trading account, and the NDD account. The company supports both accounts, regardless of the different trading conditions provided on each of them. Consider a classic trading account. Its advantage is that the client is guaranteed the execution of pending orders at exactly the price at which he was exposed. For example, if a trader placed a pending order at the level of 1.20000 on a five-figure quotation, then the order will be executed at a price of 1.20000. Neither the point anymore, nor the point less. Without talking about slippage, or lack of sellers. This is a clear advantage, since the trader does not in vain install a pending order at this level. So, this was planned, and it is not interesting for the trader to lose part of the profit due to problems of the broker. After all, other brokers never guarantee the execution of an order at the ordered price. But the company Larson & Holz, did not deceive customers by selecting several items. A few points, it’s gently said. Other brokers often had cases when the order was executed with a difference of 15-20 points. And this, you will agree, is an unpleasant moment. Any understanding trader might ask, but what about the spread. Already his broker does not miss. Naturally, he will not miss it. Otherwise, the broker would not engage in brokerage. But the company Larson & Holz also excelled here. The spread is certainly there, as it exists in any market. But it’s not a spread, it’s in its meaning. Pay attention, each broker places a spread at its own discretion. This is from the category – I want so much, so I put so much. But the company decided to destroy this prerogative by imposing a restriction on spread values. I will explain my idea. Usually, brokerage companies expand the spread to several hundred points at moments of low liquidity. If the trader at this point will open an order, he will open with a minus of several hundred points. What do you think is a pleasant moment? After all, in order for the warrant to go into the positive zone, the price must overcome the spread, and go one point more. It is difficult to trade under these conditions. The company Larson & Holz has introduced a limit on the spread. Now, even with low liquidity, the trader receives a fixed spread in several points. This is already encouraging, because to get a profit, it is necessary to pass a smaller distance. And now let’s compare the two advantages listed above. As a result, the trader receives excellent conditions under which it is possible to quickly go into profit, and to hold the deal for at least a few hundred points longer. The company’s management promises not to increase the spread, even with strong market shocks, which are caused by issues of economic and political news. And even in the case when the real market spread significantly exceeds the spread of the broker. Apparently the company, on this score their ideas. But these are brokerage subtleties, which they do not talk about. But the fact remains. Whatever happens in the market, we enter the market with a minimum spread. On the question of how this might be, technical support pointed to special software that keeps the spread on a constant value. As a result, on the main currency pairs we get a spread value of 1.8 points. This is an excellent spread, which traders dream of. And in the sequel, consider the additional benefits. This includes some options that are not available on other account types. This is the accrual of additional interest on the deposit of the trading account. Or an expanded bonus program that applies to this type of account.


The only drawback that can not be called significant is the difference between the spread values between the classic account and the NDD account. Well, except for this, the performance though instant, but still a fraction of a second lower than on the NDD account.

 And now consider the trading account NDD. Moreover, most of the usual traders with him have never encountered. But it is necessary to know. The NDD account implies the execution of orders on the interbank market, bypassing the dealing center. That is, the dealer sends an order to buy or sell immediately to the market. The advantage of NDD accounts is that the trader receives an instant execution of his application, and the beneficial value of the spread. In some cases, the spread on the open market can be only one point. But since we have started talking about a direct market spread, it is much less than brokerage, but it has the ability to expand depending on the market situation. In this case, the broker simply can not give the trader a fixed spread. After all, orders are executed on the interbank market. Expansion of the spread occurs at moments of large volumes and low liquidity of the instrument. But on the site of the company Larson & Holz you can find out about the upcoming events in the world of finance, and to avoid the moments of spread expansion. The company has developed an excellent NDD service by selecting the most profitable liquidity providers. Due to this, Larson & Holz customers receive profitable spreads and the most liquid instruments.

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