Is There An Insurance Cover For Hurricane Damage?

Published On May 7, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Featured

Hurricanes could cause major losses. Flooding, strong wind, sewer back-up, and falling trees can destroy property or injure people. There are different insurance policies that are suited for different needs. In most cases, a single policy is not enough to cover damage from hurricanes. West Palm Beach hurricane may have forced many people to learn something about hurricane damage insurance policy.

Some aspects of damage by hurricanes can be covered in homeowners’ insurance policies. That depends on the nature of the damage and the extent of your coverage. From the West Palm Beach hurricane, homeowners have learned that they need to get additional insurance policies especially if they live in hurricane-prone areas.

Windstorm insurance is an important addition. It protects policyholders from property damage because of windstorms. Windstorms usually result to other forms damage such as water damage. It covers damage to property and personal property within the home. In some cases, it covers damage to other structures such as garages and shades. It, however, doesn’t cover damage to vehicles. A separate policy is needed for that.

Flood Insurance covers the replacement cost for damaged or lost property because of floods. This means that the cause of flooding must have been from outside your home. If for any reason, your pipes bursts or your pool malfunctions and your house gets flooded, you are not eligible for compensation. During hurricanes, this insurance cover comes in handy because of the high risk of flooding. You may also be compensated for water damage caused by sewer back-up if it can be proved that the problem is caused by heavy rains.

You may sometimes find themselves out during a hurricane. When driving, there is a big chance of getting into an accident. If you hit someone or their property, they may file for bodily injury liability coverage or a property damage liability coverage. Collision policy covers you in case you hit someone’s property with your car. Comprehensive policy covers your car from damage due to falling twigs and trees, flooding, fire and strong wind. When currents are strong, you and your car could be washed away.

Hurricanes can make your home unsuitable for habitation. If the damage is caused by a covered risk, you may claim additional living expenses coverages. It is included in most home insurance policies. This coverage pays for costs of living elsewhere as you wait for your home to be repaired.

For a successful claim after hurricane damage, communicate to your provider in writing, have evidence of damage and respond to any requests for information from your provider. If you feel your claims have been wrongly denied or underpaid, seek the help of an attorney.

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