Crowdfunding for Community Recreation Centers in Low Income Neighborhoods

Published On June 23, 2018 | By Carol Gilmore | Finance

A recreation centre is an activity hub for the residents of a neighbourhood. We don’t have too many of them in India – but imagine if we did! It would be an amazing way to bring communities together through fun activities that keep them engaged, and in turn keep their minds and bodies healthy. Moreover, it would encourage people to mingle, and foster an environment of social growth. We must encourage people, especially children to look up from their phones, laptop screens, and in physical and mental exercises for social and cultural fitness. Community recreation centres can help us grow together as a society. At Impact Guru, we envision a crowdfunding India that is engaged in community building activities, and use such fundraising platforms to enhance and improve the lives of all the citizens of our society, such that we may foster an environment that is all inclusive and inviting for all members of the neighbourhood.

While people from high income groups usually have club memberships or is a part of similar sporting, artistic, or recreational activities, these opportunities are not available to all. Through a crowdfunding India, we’d like to bring a community recreation centre to those of lesser means. Anyone who is passionate about such a cause, can read up some of the amazing things that can be done in a recreation centre, and how online fundraising will help pay for it.

  1. Fund a studio for physical exercise, dance, or other activities where people can sign up to learn activities that interest them.
  2. Raise money to develop a space for arts and crafts where the creative minds can use the resources in the centre to grow and create.
  3. Crowdfund a mini library, which would be doubly useful in a low-income neighbourhood where not everyone has the opportunity to go to school.
  4. Indoor games and activities to spend evening in a fun way that keep you mentally stimulated – this could include puzzles and games like chess, scrabble, housie, and so much more.
  5. Mental and physical wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and dance, will go a long way in ensuring overall well being.
  6. Entertainment evenings to encourage people to move away from the television set by organising poetry reading, storytelling, motivational lectures, and so much more.
  7. For the sports and athletics inclined, there could be classes and coaching for various sports – it would inculcate healthy competition and team spirit.

With online fundraising, the biggest obstacle – funding can easily be overcome with a campaign on Impact Guru. Sure, the funds needed for such a project would be quite high, but the impact that it would have in improving the community in every sphere, is undoubted. So begin today, be part of a crowdfunding India that invests in the betterment of the community!

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